Embedded Systems

With an eye on the big picture and one goal: increased competitiveness in your market.

Welcome to AED Engineering

a one-of-a-kind provider of electrics/electronics engineering services that has more on offer than just service and assistance. Indeed, developing new technologies and systems is more valuable than the dispassionate, rote fulfillment of a task. As red-blooded engineers, we understand this and will regard your project as an opportunity. Not as a problem. 

How will you know? Our specialists have a passion for what they do. Passion for a spirited and long-term collaboration with everyone on an equal footing. And, of course, passion for the success of your project. That is our greatest reward.

We develop your Embedded System.

By developing your electronic components with us, you’re opting for the most convenient and effective way to a marketable product. Together, we define the requirements. The rest of the whole project can be left to us. From a thorough definition of the system and its requirements through efficient implementation and manufacturing to comprehensive service even after we finished the project. During all steps your overall system is on our mind.

Embedded Software Development.

Always focused: On your requirements for real-time capability, for safety and for energy and resource efficiency in your software.

From abstract ideas to embedded software.

Good software simplifies complex things. Good software developers do the same. But developing software for electronic products entails more than simply writing code. 

  • Development of kernel and drivers
  • Programming of microcontroller and FPGA
  • Physical, MAC and Network Layer
  • Communication protocols

Indeed, software development necessitates a comprehensive understanding of systems and comes together during the course of a process comprising tightly intertwined steps. We specialize in the development of premium, hardware-oriented embedded software. And we excel at it.

Boosting quality and comprehensibility.

As your partner for electrical and electronics development, we offer the matching software solutions for your hardware. And that regardless of whether we have already developed your hardware or if you already have your own hardware. Our aim is not only to fulfill all the points of the specification but to achieve the best possible performance for your system.

efficient, thoroughly documented and consistent.

Our developers recognize the potential of abstract ideas and specifications; understand their logical correlations and their target hardware systems; and consider requirements and limitations alike during software development. All of that results in excellent software.

hardware-oriented and application-friendly

Our software developers aren’t just thinking about their own systems or subsystems. They find solutions that take all affected systems into account.

In order to do this, they comprehensively consider the overall system for which software is being developed.

Our developers make abstractions, conduct analyses, comprehend complex correlations, and maintain a fault-tolerant mindset.


SerDes Logging Adapter

Data recording and reinjection for ECU validation 


The validation of automated driving functionalities requires precisely recorded data from vehicle sensors like video or radar based on real driving scenes.


The SLA is a high-precision Serdes scenarios and RADAR data-logging and replay solution to enable your testing and validation activities for the development of ADAS and automated driving functions.


For more information click here.


Embedded Development, by people for people.

Munich in 2006: The corner of a living room. A computer. Printer. Fax machine. Initial project diagrams, offers. And a big dream envisioned by telecommunications engineer Carlos Urquizar, now Managing Director of AED Engineering GmbH. He dreamed of a company that demands a lot from passionate engineers, but also fosters them. He dreamed of a company building its financial success on the abilities of motivated, content employees. He dreamed of a company whose own creativity gives rise to technological advances.

A growing staff and in-house R&D.

The dream became a reality in the same year. The first electrics/electronics project for the automotive industry resulted in a long-term partnership. The living room was abandoned for a proper office, renovated by the director and his first employees. Despite the recession in 2009, the young company finished the year with record profits, more employees, and an in-house research and development department.

Cross-sector engineering. Own Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Our approach continues to pay off. We now employ 70 people, most of them engineers. Our team specializes in embedded system development for the automotive, aviation, medical technology, and telecommunications industries. Our staff’s creative know-how is diverse: from the architecture of on-board electrical systems through driver-assistance systems to wireless sensors. Our flexible organizational structure ensures that every customer’s project benefits fully from this know-how. Customers and institutions support our in-house R&D projects on account of our technological capacity for innovation. After having to move house a few times, you now find us in Taunusstr. 51, Munich. And since the beginning of 2017, we have turned our small SMD Mounting Machine into a full-grown Electronics Assembly Line. Now we can provide electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to our clients and produce more complex PCB in small batches.


02. - 04.03.2021 Embedded World, Nürnberg

After we had to cancel our participation at short notice in 2020 due to Covid-19, we are even more looking forward to the Embedded World 2021. Visit us in hall 4, stand 4-460!

More information: www.embedded-world.de


19. - 20.05.2021 Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services, Gothenburg

Together with our partner ViGEM GmbH we devolped an optimized combination of our SerDes Logging Adapter (SLA) and a data logger to enable the visualization of RAW image data while test driving, which will be shown at booth H06.

More information: www.vecs.se


08. - 10.06.2021 ­– Automotive Testing Expo, Stuttgart

For the first time we will have a booth at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart. You will find uns in hall 8, stand 8030.

More information on the trade show: www.testing-expo.com


Strategic Partnership with Grupo Antolin

July 2020: AED Engineering signs a strategic partnership with the Spanish automotive supplier Grupo Antolin to strengthen its market position in the automotive sector.

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