Job Offers.

We are also based in Spain, in Murcia! If you are interested in working with us in this location we are increasing our spanish team.


Check out the following open job offers for Spain:

Hardware Engineering


Software Engineering


Quality Management


Testing & Validation


System Engineering


SW Integration & Verification


Technical Project Management


Project Management Office


Back office


Functional Safety & Cybersecurity


Tooling & Infrastructure


  • Danny

    Bugs don't stand a chance

    with our clever and cheerful

    Danny Meyer

    Work hard. Play hard.

  • Manolo

    The master of communication engineering

    providing positive stimuli

    for the R&D

    Manuel Saez

    Dedication is fun

  • Carlos

     A spanish heart beating
    for new technologies,
    cold beer, and his employees.

    Carlos Urquizar

    The boss is fully involved.

  • Nicole

    With heart and brain she

    brings a smile to the faces

    of colleagues, customers and applicants


    Nicole Wenzel

    No chance for a grouch

What to expect

Fostering high performance rather than creating high pressure 

Good things come in small packages! ... Young, lively, and dynamic. ... Teamwork, strength, fun. ... Competent, productive, appreciative. ... These are the words the people at AED Engineering used when asked to describe their employer in three words. Clear statements, you think? Clear-cut course, we agree. And we will ensure that does not change. 

Frankly speaking.

There is no company philosophy cast in stone at AED Engineering. No dogmatic code of conduct. We have no need for such things. We choose instead to simply talk with each other. Everybody talks and everybody listens. Including the boss. Openly. Respectful. And often. We talk about things that are just right and things that need tweaking. We discuss workplace expectations, job descriptions, and the team. After all, a passing thunderstorm is far better than constantly gray skies.

Opinion wanted!

The people working at AED Engineering have one thing in common: They all have an opinion. We demand and foster this because we know that self-confidence entails self-reliance and individual responsibility. These traits are essential in our line of work as high-tech developers. Thus we make decisions rather than waiting and seeing. And that's how we live up to our full potential - by knowing our limits.

Those who want can.

At AED Engineering we focus on HR development rather than HR management. It is as simple as that. That’s why engineers, be they recent graduates or industry veterans, have excellent prospects with us. They can look forward to an interesting position of responsibility. To a wide variety of projects. To wonderful co-workers. And to professional development and personal growth. We do not merely claim all of this—we guarantee it.